Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Pledge

I have neglected this blog a lot in the past because of a lack of time or a worry that what I have to say doesn't seem to appeal to anyone so I am going to say "screw it" and just contribute more.

If you are reading, keep it up.  It makes me try harder to have interesting things on here.  I promise I will try harder to keep you entertained.

This summer is going to be a frustrating and rewarding experience.

I am going to finish up my last required class in a week.  My last required class forever.  And, while I still decided to take a summer class "for fun" and because I don't know what else to do with myself, it really is over, kids.

I take comps at the start of September so I will be studying my ass off.  Meanwhile, I am also going to be keeping my sanity by riding my bike.  I have pledged not only to my advisors to study my ass off and pass comps but also to the wonderful ladies that I ride with to start showing up to rides that the race club in town puts on weekly.  Am I scared shitless, yes.  Should I be?  A little.  But it's all part of that bigger plan - to ride the century that I have been promising myself I would do since my senior year of college.  It's a crazy goal but a good one to have.

And it keeps my mind on track in these trying times.  Not only am I dealing with the best exams of my life but also my boyfriend has decided a life of academia is not his thing.  He moves back to the east coast in a few weeks and I will still be here in sucksville.  The good news is I have an amazing roommate, a lot of great women to ride with, a bike, my best friend (my dog), and a pool.  That's still a damn good summer, I think.  

Look forward to more posts from here on out whether they be about my papers, teaching, dog, or bike.  I promise to keep it UTD from here on out.  I mean, I'd look like an idiot if I didn't.