Sunday, December 23, 2012

End of the Year Review

This semester, I vowed to blog regularly.  That clearly has not happened.  New Years resolution, perhaps?  Still, I thought I would post a year of review.  I survived the semester, guys!  And for all of you grad students or former ones, you know that is a good feeling.  I feeling of total relief.  At first I wonder, what have I done in the last semester?  Holy crap I am catching up on the extended cable that my parents are now providing me free of charge for the holiday season.  Apart from basketball games which I refuse to miss out on, I haven't watched TV in like 5 weeks.  Final papers, finals, and grading sucked most of the life out of me.

But, really, I've done a lot.

Let's take stock:
1. I taught 2 sections of a methods course for u-grads.  This is a weed-out.  No one wants to be there but I think I did okay!  I worked my ass off, cried a lot when I felt like I was failing them, but mostly learned a great deal about teaching - what I like, what I don't like, etc.

2. Based on 1 I know I don't want to go to a teaching school.  Please God don't let this happen!

3. I have an article I need to send out.  I need to do that this break, damn it.

4. I was accepted into two conferences.  This will be a hellish semester paper-wise but one I am willing to put the time into.

5. Despite all of this, I aced a semester of courses that were not in my major field, minor field, or outside.  Having taken almost everything before, my options were nill.  I took two American Politics courses and excelled despite my lack of care for the subject.  I credit some of this to a prof that I loved.

So, really. I'm okay.  I will be posting some teaching stories that may blow your mind (and not in a good way) later if I remember to update, but it's over!

Now I am suffering from PTBS - post-traumatic boredom syndrome.


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